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November 13, 2020; 12pm to 1:30pm - NAIFA GBA Zoom Webinar
"Thinking Beyond the Secure Act of 2020"
Speaker: Edward W. Cotney; Olympus Tax & Tax Smart IRA Conversions for Now
Sponsored by: Shelley Golden Style - - Shelley Golden, Personal Branding Image Consultant & Fashion Stylist

Edward W. Cotney, author of Tax Secrets Made Simple, will be our speaker on November 13, 2020. Join us as Ed shares how to bring back the Inherited IRA Stretch Option as a powerful tax and wealth transfer planning strategy to benefit the IRA owner and their heirs. Using the SECURE ACT of 2020 to frame the new parameters of this brave new planning opportunity, Ed will share how to make lemonade out of these onions! Learn how Susan Miller, a widow, age 80, and mother of four, created a tax efficient Inherited IRA solution, which provided her children a testamentary income stream which also generated an additional 20 years of Assets Under Management. In case study #2, you will learn new ways to introduce tax smart qualified plan conversions for Mary Jones age 65. She is deeply concerned her retirement income will erode due to increased taxes. Mary has an excellent pension and social security income. She would like to discuss how to avoid taking RMDs from her $800,000.00 in 7 years as she does not believe she will need it, but what if she does?

"ZOOM MAKEOVERS - 5 Steps to Up-Level Your Online Screen Presence to Improve Engagement and Rapport"
Speaker: Shelley Golden; Shelley Golden Style

As more and more organizations are conducting business on-line, everybody needs to up their game and look their best in the surroundings they are in.

Shelley Golden, a personal branding image consultant, has an engaging and informative presentation which shows examples of her 5 step process to up-level your online screen presence. She has specific examples of what works and what doesn’t with lots of "before and after” ideas and will be giving real time suggestions on how you can improve your screen presence.

  • Increase your engagement, improve your rapport and up-level your personal brand
  • Improve your camera angle, lighting, background, clothing, and Zoom specific makeup
  • Understand what colors work best and what colors to avoid for the space you’re in
  • Gain greater respect when virtually inviting people into your home or office